In Honor of Bernard Hipplewith

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  1. W. Jack Woodfork says:

    Echoing a lot of comments already, Mr. Hipplewith was a calm, soft-spoken man with a warm demeanor. He cared a lot about young people and always talked to them with a sincere plea to change for the better. I will always remember our chats about coaching basketball and how best to help young boys make good decisions in and out of school. Rest in peace!

  2. Bernard Holder says:

    We grew up together in the projects of brooklyn, NY (Farragut Housing) , he and his brother Dale, sisters Tootie, and Debra. I use to marvel at how easy he use to jump double dutch (two ropes instead of one). His dad use to teach the neighborhood kids how to draw, including myself. I was filled with great saddness when i learned of his passing. I, my mom Miss Dot, my brothers Richard, and David will never forget him. Rest in Peace, Bing-Bing.

  3. Patricia Hipplewith says:

    There are simply no words to express our heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended toward our family during this time of loss. Bernard was most precious to our family and we will be forever grateful for the loving memories you have shared with us. We are deeply appreciative and will treasure them for a lifetime.

    With love,

    The Hipplewith Family



  5. John Paulson says:

    I met Bernard when he first arrived at SAHS and found him outgoing, and helpful. I will always remember that old typewriter he used to pull out and use when needed. During the winter break of 2004, each of us had planned to go to Karon Beach in Thailand and we talked about perhaps we might chance to meet up there. Indeed we did on Xmas morning. As my son Aaron and I were walking down the street, there was Bernard at a coffee house enjoying the morning with a friend from Europe. He introduced us both and we had a nice conversation. The next morning was the tsunami, we all got out fine, and came back to SAHS. I have a lot of good memories of Bernard.

  6. Maureen Williams says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. H while at Zama HS in Japan. We corresponded via email a few times after he left Japan. I was saddened when I received the email about his passing. He was truly a down to earth person and will be missed.

  7. Carol Castleberry says:

    Bernard will always hold a very special place in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  8. Bradley McMurray says:

    Bernard- Brother
    Crusader- Champion of good causes-
    bright light of your smile
    Mowtown Mover and Shaker
    Hails from Brooklyn
    made a mark in the art scene
    he could draw soooo gooood
    makes me wannna holla-
    meet you to sketch the sunset sometime

  9. Steve Boyd says:

    Bernard and I worked together at Seoul American HS. His office door was always open and he seemed to always have time time to talk. He supported me as a coach and teacher and I will always remember his unwavering support of kids. He was a professional who never forgot his roots and exhibited courage through-out his tenure here at SAHS. We spent alot of quality time together away from school and this is where I really got to know the true Bernard. He was a veteran, educator, mentor,good guy, but most important a friend! My prayers are with his family. I will always remember the good times!

  10. Julian Gudger says:

    Bernard, thanks for the support during my first year in DODDS. You were a great mentor. To his family, my family and I share your in celebrating this good man’s life.

  11. Kym Thomas says:

    You were an awesome Assistant Principal and you were always very helpful and supportive of me! I’ll never forget your kindness and dedication to DoDDS! We will all miss you and Rest in Peace, Love Kym

  12. Tim Kluck says:

    Bernard was known to many of his colleagues at SAHS, especially those with whom he shared many an after work libation at the Dragon Hill Lodge and at Harvey’s, by the nickname “Undercover Brother” a name which once given he took an immediate liking to. He was “cool” and it showed in his approach to his job, and in his dealing with his friends and colleagues. Very little flustered him and he saw the humor in most every situation. I will miss him deeply.

  13. LaKisha says:

    Mr. Hipplewith was a kind spirit. I am so glad that our paths crossed. Peace and blessings to his family. Our world is better because of his visit.
    Peace and blessings,

  14. Randy Sangalli says:

    Bernard showed me kindness and compassion at a moment in my life when my world had been totally turned upsidedown and sideways. His moment of grace gave me a chance to breathe and have a better today and tomorrow. I will never forget that day and I will never forget this good man. Peace, my friend.

  15. George Riley says:

    I only knew Hipp from a few meetings but he was a very warm and friendly gentleman everytime we met. He had a menagerie of fine stories that he shared with me. I always told him that he must be, as I am, part Indian since he had such a battery of stories. We were of a similar age and time upbringing but from very different worlds. If everyone had the same feeling from being around someone as I did with Hipp, then he was very well liked by all. I am certainly sorry for all of our loss of this fine man.

  16. Jason Spivey says:

    You were a great mentor and friend. I will never forget listening to your stories about the history Brooklyn, the craziness of Germany and your fight for equal rights as a youth. We had some really good times like seeing James Brown live, which I still hold as sacred today. Thank you for teaching me the ropes about the education world. Thank you for singing at my wedding. Thank you for being my man Mr. Bernard W. Hipplewith. You will always have a special place in my heart man. Love.

  17. Charles Woodruff says:

    Bernard, I am so glad that Sean and I could represent the faculty, alumni, and students of Seoul American High School by attending your funeral and say our goodbyes in person. You touched many lives at SAHS in a positive way and your legacy lives on in those students who remember you, love you, and are better people because you set the example for them. Remember our favorite quote about us being products of the ’60s and always trying to do what is right because “we know better.” You were a great boss and a great friend! Thank you for always having my back. Rest in peace, my brother, until we meet again.

  18. Erica Rosser Balaga says:

    Mr. Hipplewith was a wonderful Vice Principle and mentor to me at Seoul American High School. My prayers go out to your family. God Bless you during this time of sorrow.

  19. Helen Stadler Burky says:

    I worked with him at the high school in Seoul. His smile was always the best. My prayers are with your family at this time of loss. May he rest in peace.

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